Dressing Fetish On A Budget

Jan 28, 2018 Master Arcane 0

One the coolest things about Kinky Clubs and Fetish Events is when they have a Dress Code (not all do – you find these more on the East Coast of the USA and in Europe). At these kinds of clubs, rather than watch everyone filter in and do their thing in a relatively normal-looking crowd, instead you get wall-to-wall Eye Candy.

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Buying Your First Flogger – A Guide for Beginners

Jan 26, 2018 Master Arcane 0

“BDSM Toy Shopping Tip: Buying A Flogger for BEGINNERS.” The advice I give below is based on decades of using and buying floggers as well as what I personally teach clients. At the end of the lesson you will find several links to help you buy a quality flogger if you are just starting to desire a good flogger in your BDSM Toy inventory.

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The Meaning of Being Collared…

Feb 11, 2008 Master Arcane 0

A gentleman wrote to me asking all about the meaning and significance of the Slave Collar. He felt that the giving of the slave collar was a notable, even sacred event yet he equally felt that he was hearing and seeing collars being given out lightly all around him. My Read More »

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