Consensual Non-Consent: A Healthy Definition for D/s

Jul 31, 2017 Master Arcane 0

A highly devoted submissive in a healthy D/s Relationship asked one of the most fundamental questions about a subject that hardly ever gets a proper light. That subject? Consensual Non-Consent (or CNC for short). Vast are the number of misperceptions and misunderstandings about CNC, alongside occasional skepticism as to whether Read More »

Maintaining D/s Feelings at Your Job

Dec 18, 2016 Master Arcane 1

I received a most interesting letter from an officer of the law in a foreign country who had huge responsibilities around the clock including emergency response. In his private life he was an owned fetish-submissive to another officer, and he was asking me how to balance the two worlds – Read More »

The Hard Limits Of The Dominant – Part 2 of 2

Oct 15, 2014 Master Arcane 0

PART 2: A further exploration of Misperceptions that can lead to the Submissive violating the Dominant’s Hard Limits. Part 1 can be found here: The Hard Limits Of The Dominant – Part 1 As we discuss Hard Limits and what would lead to any version of the “My Way or The Highway” line Read More »

Intoxication In Play – Is It Ever Ok?

May 2, 2012 Master Arcane 0

I recently read a simple question put forth by a submissive who was ordered to play by an intoxicated Dom. This got me thinking about how this issue comes up every-so-often regarding How Much and When is it ok to mix intoxication with BDSM play? Many people who seriously appreciate Read More »

Who Decides The Limits Of Submission?

Feb 10, 2010 Master Arcane 0

A new submissive inquired recently as to how well she should be going along with her Master’s plans and designs when they seemed at times to be at odds with her normal way of doing things. It appeared to me that she had not yet clarified with her Master where Read More »

10 Key Qualities for an Exceptional Dominant

Feb 6, 2009 Master Arcane 13

An excellent Dom buddy of mine wrote me to ask what I thought were the 10 Essential Qualities of a Fine Dom.  In my estimation, these are Ten Essential Traits that any existing or prospective Dom needs to appreciate. These do not necessarily have to be fully developed qualities within Read More »

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