The Global History of BDSM Since 3000 B.C.

Jun 2, 2020 Master Arcane 0

This came across my desk the other day. I was immediately enthralled and impressed with the depth of research, of which 99% correlated with my own personal endeavors into the origins of BDSM (or at least early indications thereof). Understanding the History of BDSM is a wonderful path to comprehending Read More »

Time To Rest Easy About Your Love Of BDSM

Aug 10, 2019 Master Arcane 0

In a recent discussion about Kinky Celebrities who are “out” about their kink, the subject of “being outed” was still a hot-button topic for several people. Well, I am here to tell you that for the most part, here in 2019 you really can be a LOT more relaxed about Read More »

Can You Be Addicted to BDSM?

Dec 17, 2017 Master Arcane 0

A sorrowful submissive wrote to me to tell me that she had inadvertently been “outed” about her BDSM participation, and that certain people in her daily life had accidentally heard about her appreciation and enjoyment of BDSM. Unfortunately, these distinctly vanilla and misinformed people decided to take the incredibly backwards…

Read More »

The Many Ways to Serve Your Dominant

Jul 27, 2017 Master Arcane 3

A female submissive associate of mine wrote asking me if I could describe a few ways a submissive or slave can serve her Dominant. Rather than give literal examples as my reply, I ventured into describing the Essence of what it means to Serve, and extended that into an understanding Read More »

Maintaining D/s Feelings at Your Job

Dec 18, 2016 Master Arcane 1

I received a most interesting letter from an officer of the law in a foreign country who had huge responsibilities around the clock including emergency response. In his private life he was an owned fetish-submissive to another officer, and he was asking me how to balance the two worlds – Read More »

Required Reading For My Slave, and Why

Jan 21, 2016 Master Arcane 3

Oftentimes a Master must consider what is the next course of study for his slave. A Fine Master will seek to design the next course such that his slave will feel uplifted by his instructions, guided by his hand, and have a clearly perceivable pathway to improve herself in some Read More »

The Hard Limits Of The Dominant – Part 2 of 2

Oct 15, 2014 Master Arcane 0

PART 2: A further exploration of Misperceptions that can lead to the Submissive violating the Dominant’s Hard Limits. Part 1 can be found here: The Hard Limits Of The Dominant – Part 1 As we discuss Hard Limits and what would lead to any version of the “My Way or The Highway” line Read More »

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