Consensual Non-Consent: A Healthy Definition for D/s

Jul 31, 2017 Master Arcane 0

A highly devoted submissive in a healthy D/s Relationship asked one of the most fundamental questions about a subject that hardly ever gets a proper light. That subject? Consensual Non-Consent (or CNC for short). Vast are the number of misperceptions and misunderstandings about CNC, alongside occasional skepticism as to whether Read More »

The Many Ways to Serve Your Dominant

Jul 27, 2017 Master Arcane 3

A female submissive associate of mine wrote asking me if I could describe a few ways a submissive or slave can serve her Dominant. Rather than give literal examples as my reply, I ventured into describing the Essence of what it means to Serve, and extended that into an understanding Read More »

Maintaining D/s Feelings at Your Job

Dec 18, 2016 Master Arcane 1

I received a most interesting letter from an officer of the law in a foreign country who had huge responsibilities around the clock including emergency response. In his private life he was an owned fetish-submissive to another officer, and he was asking me how to balance the two worlds – Read More »

Required Reading For My Slave, and Why

Jan 21, 2016 Master Arcane 3

Oftentimes a Master must consider what is the next course of study for his slave. A Fine Master will seek to design the next course such that his slave will feel uplifted by his instructions, guided by his hand, and have a clearly perceivable pathway to improve herself in some Read More »

TOP DROP – What It Is, How To Rectify It

Oct 17, 2012 Master Arcane 1

When a Dominant suddenly loses all interest in being Dominant, even when He is still completely committed to His partner, one of the possibilities is the phenomenon known as “Top Drop.” A well meaning submissive asked the question, “Do most Masters suffer TopDrop? If so, what are the signs and Read More »

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